Tax advisory

When planning a transaction or restructuring a business, it is vital to understand the tax implications and make sure that matters are structured in the most tax efficient way possible.

We enjoy navigating the technical challenges presented by our complex tax system to provide practical solutions for our clients.  But we understand that tax needs to be considered alongside practical and commercial issues, so applying The BH Way, we work to ensure that all angles are covered.

We have a proven track record of helping our clients to achieve their commercial goals whilst paying the right amount of tax and avoiding any surprises or pitfalls.

No two businesses are the same, so our advice is tailored to you and is based on our knowledge of your business and aspirations.  Before providing our advice we will ensure that we fully understand what it is that you want, and more importantly what you need.

Passing on a business that you have spent many years building can be a difficult decision to make.  We will work with you to help devise a structure that works for you and for the next generation, allowing the business to continue to thrive.

Whether it’s a share for share exchange, a company purchase of own shares, or any other type of restructuring, we can write to HM Revenue & Customs to ask for clearance and achieve certainty on the tax treatment.  We will make sure that we explain everything to ensure that the chances of a successful clearance are maximised.

In most businesses, employees are the greatest asset.  We can work with you to design employee incentive arrangements and implement share option schemes, to help you to incentivise and keep your best assets.