Private client

We recognise that as the taxation landscape constantly evolves, our clients require dynamic advice regarding their personal taxes, how to manage family money and how to pass on the business or family wealth to future generations.

During our lives, our personal circumstances change, as do those of our loved ones.  There are the happy occasions, such as the birth of our children and grandchildren, and we want to help provide for these.  There are also the sad occasions that we don’t want to plan for, but sometimes have to contemplate, such as divorce or death.

Our private client team covers the whole breadth of personal taxes including tax health checks, retirement planning, inheritance tax planning, advice on the use of trusts and also cross-border taxation.

Working together with your trusted lawyers, bankers and financial advisers, we are there to help you work through your options and find the solution that suits you and your family best.

Family investment companies are a popular structure commonly used when looking to pass on future growth in assets and income to future generations. Combining these companies with a trust can also provide added protection for the future and manage those “what if” conversations that we often have with clients.

Many of our clients have an international tax aspect to their personal finances which adds a layer of complexity to their tax affairs.  We help them to protect their earnings and pay the right amount of tax, ensuring that they claim any reliefs available under tax treaties and keep their international tax affairs in order.

We can help you to understand how much inheritance tax may be due on your estate in the future and work with you on a plan to pass on your wealth tax efficiently at the right time for you.