Board level support

As a result of how we work with our clients, we have seen the inner workings of hundreds of businesses, of all different shapes and sizes over the years. These businesses have spanned almost every sector, with one common dominator – they are all owner-managed.

We have seen how different businesses are run, what works well and what could be changed, and our expanse of knowledge in the owner-managed business realm means that we are primed to share our expertise with you.

We appreciate that when you are an owner-managed business, you may not have an internal finance function, it’s quite feasible that you will not have a full-time finance director, and you may even be a sole director. As such, having a sounding board and input required to make timely strategic decisions is difficult. We can bridge that gap by becoming involved with the senior leadership team, providing an outlet for discussion and debate, asking the obvious and less obvious questions that often get overlooked when you are just busy working in the business and having to make quick decisions.

The BH Way means we are here to support you in every area of your business, at any time, by formalising the board level support.  Knowing you have a regular touchpoint with a business adviser who can review management information and consider strategic decisions will help you to run your business in a proactive manner, as opposed to being reactive to the next situation, which can often be invaluable in helping a business thrive.

Through attending regular board meetings we use our business knowledge and experience to provide a different and fresh outlook on your business needs. Whether it is reviewing the financial data, challenging decisions or just starting a debate by suggesting wider business ideas, we are able to help you achieve greater success by offering experience and advice which would be expensive and impractical to cover in-house.

We work with clients, using our experience to design processes and management information packs to ensure businesses can gain the right amount of financial information on a timely basis, to reveal financial clarity across the entire business and inform powerful financial decision-making.

Once the process is agreed, we can prepare the management information for clients, at agreed intervals or work with the internal team to help them to do this. Every client is different and therefore no approach is the same.

We can be a conduit between you and your shareholders, liaising with them and attending board meetings to knowledgably present financial information, or be available to answer complicated queries.